CellETF 2.0

Release Time:2021-10-5
CellETF, a decentralized asset management project incubated by the eCell community, has released its latest version 2.0 details. The progress is now synchronized as follows:
Since CellETF Fund protocol was deployed in Heco Chain main network in April 2021 to open the 1.0 era, it has been running stably for nearly half a year and successfully completed product verification with the support of all community members and eCell community members.
There are still many uncertainties in CellETF's future development. In order for CellETF to better solve the challenges, we are pleased to present CellETF's master plan for the next phase, which aims to further expand the influence of the protocol and strengthen the user experience. With the implementation of the plan, CellETF project will enter the 2.0 era as a whole.
CellETF2.0 is a further improvement and expansion of the existing CellETF project based on the feedback and suggestions of the community, including the following:
(1) Protocol multi-chain deployment
(2) Diversified funds
(3) Advanced frontend framework

1. Protocol multi-chain deployment

CellETF fund protocol will officially start multi-chain deployment, including Heco, OEC, BSC, Ethereum main network and Ethereum Layer 2 network. When the fund protocol is deployed on different networks, it will be the first to complete the connection with the most representative DeFi protocol on different networks, which will greatly expand the investment strategy pool of CellETF fund.
  • Huobi Eco Chain(Heco)————————————————————————Deployed
  • OKExChain(OEC)————————————————————————————Before Oct-31-2021
  • Binance Smart Chain(BSC)———————————————————————Before Nov-30-2021
  • Ethereum Mainnet——————————————————————————————Before Nov-30-2021
  • Ethereum L2 Arbitrum————————————————————————————Before Dec-31-2021

2. Diversified funds

The existing CellETF All-Weather Fund is a universal investment strategy. In the 2.0 stage of CellETF, new types and styles of funds will be constantly deployed online, including but not limited to:
  • Stablecoin fund:All the underlying assets are stablecoin, which achieves stable appreciation by providing the liquidity of stablecoin pairs. In this scenario, the fund tokens forged by the fund protocol will be set as negotiable, and the fund tokens will become stabecoin with enhanced returns.
  • Metauniverse Fund:Invest in high-quality crypto assets in the metauniverse.
  • Leveraged Fund:There is leverage in the underlying assets, which magnifies the returns through a certain leverage multiplier.
  • NFT Fund:A fund with NFT assets as its underlying assets.
Stablecoin fund
Before Oct-31-2021
Metauniverse Fund
Before Nov-30-2021
Leveraged Fund
Before Dec-31-2021
NFT Fund

3. Advanced frontend framework

To support the 2.0 features: multi-chain and strategy, we are also planning a relatively existing version of more advanced frontend framework, the frontend framework was implemented in the research and development stage, is expected to replace existing before the 2021-10-31 version of the front interface, PC or mobile end users to be able to have a good experience, The following is the mobile terminal design preview, please look forward to!