How to exchange PUNK2936 with eCell?

Release Time:21-11-2021

The ecell-punk2936 mobile pool will open for conversion within Uniswap at 2021-11-24 16:00(SGT).

At that time, you can go to CellETF official website or UNISWAP to exchange. For details, please refer to the tutorial below.

How to use eCell to exchange PUNK2936 at CellETF?

1. Log in to CellETF's official website:

2. Select ETH network and click flash exchange to go to the flash exchange page

3. Select "eCell" as the top currency and "PUNK2936" as the bottom currency.

4. Enter the amount to be exchanged and click "Confirm exchange" to initiate the transaction

How do I exchange eCell for PUNK2936 within UNISWAP?

1. Log in to UNISWAP website at

2. Enter the contract address to search for currency

3. Enter the amount you want to exchange and click Exchange.

Stake eCell to exchange PUNK2936

Consensuscellnetwork currently has an eCell single coin incentive channel on its official website with APY up to 90%. You can go to Consensuscellnetwork website to stake eCell and earn eCell for free to exchange for PUNK2936. The specific operation steps are as follows:

1. Log in to Consensuscellnetwork at

2. Click "Farm" to jump to the pledge interface

Click pledge and enter the amount of pledge to confirm the transaction.


●eCell address:0x9b62ec1453cea5dde760aaf662048ca6eeb66e7f

●PUNK2936 address:0xe7315fe7e1593abb56d0b8876d775abcc84a439c

●PUNK2936 is the ERC-20 token of CryptoPunk #2936 NFT head split by Fractional fragmentation protocol, and the total fixed issue is 100 million. Click to see details of this asset in

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