eCell Stake Invite Rewards

Based on the latest DAO governance results, the community invitation award details for the eCell Stake scenario are as follows:

1. Reward ratio

The basic reward part is 1%(invitee)+0% (inviter), this part of the reward has no threshold, all community users can enjoy; The bonus portion is a 10% (invitee) +10% (inviter) bonus, which will be unlocked and activated for users who meet specific community incentive conditions.

For example:

You invite Alice to be your friend.

Alice's base bonus is 1%, and you and Alice's bonus are both 10%.

When Alice participates in a Farm and gets 1000 eCell, she gets an 11% or 210 eCell bonus. (Provided by Community Incentive Pool)

10% of the bonus goes to you, your base bonus +0, plus bonus +100.

In addition, 1% of the base reward and 10% of the additional reward are given to Alice. Alice's base reward +10 and additional reward +100.

The bonus amount accumulates regardless of whether the bonus eligibility is activated, but can only be withdrawn when the community user's bonus eligibility is activated.

Let's say you don't qualify for additional rewards, and over time, Alice gets a total of 100,000 ecells of Farm output. According to the bonus rules, your address will accumulate 10,000 ecells of additional rewards, which you can withdraw from the bonus contract when your additional rewards eligibility is activated at some point in the future.

2. Add bonus activation conditions

Ranked according to the Staking value

The Staking value = the number of the user's own Stake + the number of the friends the user invites

In order to ensure a fair and just, community real-time computing ranking system will be invited to the community of users of TVL contribution amount, time weighted average processing, with weighted values as a basis for the ranking, ranking will be adjusted each quarter 1, weighted contribution amount meet the needs of the community of users, ranking will be activated in a quarter cycle additional reward. Additional bonus eligibility will be reassigned during the next ranking cycle.

ECell Stake's community Ranking rewards program will officially begin when the ranking system goes live. The specific rules and opening time will be subject to a subsequent notice. Until then, additional rewards will be accumulated at the rate of 10%, and users who meet the reward criteria can receive a lump sum after the qualification is activated.

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