New version of the official website online announcement


Dear Community members,

Thank you for your attention and support to Consensus Cell Network community!

The new Consensus Cell Network website will launched on December 31, 2021 ( after careful planning and preparation to enhance the customer experience and enhance the usability of the website.

The new version of the interface integration, improve the original part of the content, to "simple, atmospheric, easy to use, visual" principle, from the overall structure, functional template, picture display and other aspects of the overall optimization; It can present richer content, clearer page structure and better experience.

The new version of the interface also has a new section called Bond Protocol, which improves the incentive mode of eCell Token and the choice of liquidity management tools. The launch of the new version of the interface is a strategic adjustment more in line with the eCell DAO community, and fully demonstrates the community spirit -- "the pursuit of innovative value creation ecological network, work together to layout the future of the encryption world, and benefit from the project incubation".

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